GLOCK-17- 19- 22- 23- 25- 26- 27- 31- 32- 34- 35 9mm 40sw 357 Sig Aluminum Version

Floorplate of handgun magazines that includes a carbide tip, with the purpose of being placed on the magazine to enable it to be also used as a tool for the breakage of glass panes.
Manufacturer: DPM Systems Technologies


Transform Your Magazine Into Convenient Car Glass Breaker 

When a handgun contains a magazine with the DPM floorplate with the incorporated carbide tip, the handgun itself can also be used as a hammerlike tool for the breakage of glass panes without disrupting the overall function of the handgun.

  • Tactical & Rescue Use
  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Your Glass Breaker is Always Within Reach
  • A Necessary Tool for Everyone

Aluminum Version
Machined from aviation-grade anodized aluminium.
Black hard anodise coating.
Carbide Tip Grade K-10 special for impact.


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